About Gems Soap Company
Hi, I’m Gabby and a while back I developed a love to make soap and different sugar scrubs and bath products, It started with a passion and dream, with my family standing behind me. We are a family of 3 barbers. And one with the passion for the soap world!
Gem’s came to life with a dream. As a little girl I was lucky to have a creative mother that would always say “you can do anything you put your heart into it”
I started making soaps and sugar scrubs for family and friends, especially around holidays and birthdays. They have always been a big hit! I made them and Mom put them together in pretty packages. This was our bonding time we would laugh and talk about the silliest things!
We are so close I knew leaving for college was going to be hard for both of us. She is my biggest fan through my ups and downs. I got the best graduation gift a girl could get a wonderful show horse named Ricoma. But the deal was I had to stay home and commute to college. In exchange, my parents would pay for Ricoma’s expenses. Fine with me! It was my dream come true. It was the happiest day of my life. 4 weeks later, the worst day came, Ricoma fell and got hurt. The vet bills were piling up and even though my school schedule was hard, I knew I had to find a way to help out while being a full time student.
So in November 2016 I started making some of my favorite soaps, scrubs and bath bombs. So after trial and error, I figured it out. I knew I wanted all natural or organic line. The hard part was money for all the supplies so I was going to need some help. I knew parents would help me with that. I am blessed to have two wonderful parents that have always backed me up on my dreams. Gem’s Soap Company came to life!
I started with bath bombs, then came my soap line (well I have to admit, that’s pretty much Mom. I just help out there). Sugar scrubs is our team effort.
Living in a house with a hair dresser and 2 brothers that are barbers in high-end salons? They both talked me into making a men’s line, especially shave soap. I started researching everything that would go into a good shave soap. After many attempts, and with my two brother’s help and ideas about what a shave soap should be, I came up with this incredible formula and my product line started coming together. My brothers started trying it out on their clients. And THAT is when things REALLY took off! My mom would like to say the “Tres” (3) stands for my 2 bothers and I but you know where I’m going with this - 3 barbers, 3 Monkey’s. Oh, and my dad would tell you he came up with the name. If you are looking for an amazing soap line thats all natural and organic, don’t pass on trying these. One girls dream is where it all started. I would love to show young kids that if you believe and work hard, everything is possible. My dream is to one day, open a Tres Monkey Soap Shop and teach young kids that dreams do come true in the Soap world. Believe.